Our Marriage Suffered a Huge Blow

My husband cheated on me about a year ago. Granted, he was drinking a lot that night and really does not remember any of the details. He does remember waking up next to an old girlfriend though, who was equally as mortified. I do believe them when they say it was a one time thing that neither of them wanted to happen. I know my husband loves me. He quit drinking because of this, and he is never alone with his ex now. I was not able to move past it though until I saw https://www.carolinebronte.co.uk/counselling/maidenhead/, which is a website for a therapist in our town.

I wanted to forgive my husband, and I honestly believe that I did. It was moving on that was the hard part for me. He did everything he could to make it up to me, but I was just stuck with mental images that hurt me so deeply. I knew that we needed professional help if either one of us was to move on from this. I found the therapist very refreshing, and she was nothing like what I expected. I thought she was going to start off with what happened that night, but she didn’t.

What she did was ask us questions about ourselves. She wanted to know how we met, what drew us to one another, what our individual and shared dreams are. She expounded on a lot of what we told her, and she had even more questions for us after that. She took the focus off the elephant in the room, which is absolutely what was needed since it was always on my mind. She then met with me privately a few times as well as my husband, and those sessions were just as productive. To make a long story short, I have finally forgiven and moved on from this incident. Our marriage is actually stronger now than it ever has been before.