Money-making Esports Game

Esport is a sport in electronic form. It is said to be a sport because this Esport actually relies on strategy and physical endurance when competing. Like chess, which is included in a sport, it is also in the fine motor category

Maybe there are people who interpret that Esport is playing games. Of course, this is different but also not very much related. Esport and playing games are the same, it’s just that. Esport is more of a competition, while playing games is mainly about filling your spare time and as a hobby.

Here are some popular games that can make money or even become a source of livelihood, which are often made as Esports competitions, video content about games, even as a trade, both nationally and internationally.


The best-selling MOBA type game in the world, with the concept of a Team against other Teams participating in PC or computer gaming competitions. A very popular game with millions of players from all over the world who are active every day.

Dota 2 is played with ancient defense system from the opposing team’s attacks. The battle is a competition game of 2 teams, consisting of 5 players from each team, where each player chooses 1 hero in Dota 2. The winner of this game is the team which knocked down the opponent’s ancient first. The total prize depends on the competition. Currently, Dota 2 has the largest total prize pool in gaming history with a total of $ 30 million dollars in 2019.

League of Legends

The MOBA concept game is also the same as DOTA 2, but we can say that the League Of Legends game is in second place after DOTA. As well as the largest audience for this Game on Twitch (a video service site, where a lot of videos from games from various platforms to thousands of viewers in real time).

League of Legends (LoL) has the same concept as DOTA, team against team, with each team consisting of 5 players. The difference lies in the graphics and the mechanics of how to play it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

The first shooting game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. CS: GO itself is the fourth version of the game in the Counter-Strike series.

This shooting game concept was released for Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012. While Linux was released in 2014. This game consists of 2 teams, the Terrorists Team and the Counter-Terrorists Team. The two teams must attack each other, while also completing their respective missions. Terrorist Team, its mission is to plant bombs and defend hostages. Counter Terrorist Team, whose mission is to prevent the opposing team or terrorist team from planting bombs, or defusing bombs that have been planted, then rescuing hostages.

This game is quite popular and has received positive responses since its release. Many competitions and tournaments for this game are sponsored by Valve.

And many more are actually popular online games and are widely used as a source of income. The number of fans making the game sell well in the players’ market. There are many competitions for popular games, and it is not uncommon for us to find buying and selling between players with the view that a certain game account has been well built

How to get money from the game:

~ Being a Streamer

Being a streamer is very profitable. Providing a comfortable place to stream, play popular games, of course, while interacting with the game or the audience. Advertisements or other offers can come and be a source of income.

~ Writing Guide / Make a Tutorial Content

The Youtube or Twitch platform is a place for video game makers. Whether it’s in the form of video game tutorial content even to specific mission guides.

~ Be a Professional Gamers

Once wet, it’s better to take a shower immediately. Maybe the term is wrong, but the meaning can be the same and true. If we have a hobby of being good at games, it’s easy to understand gaming, why not be a professional as well. Building a team or joining a pro team, participating in competitions or tournaments, all can start from a desire.

~ Buy and sell

Nothing is impossible, start building a game account to play yourself. Weapons, heroes, levels or whatever has recorded good history in our game account, making our account value become money. In some games, there are points / coins / diamonds that can be traded / bought.

~ Esports Betting

Maybe this is taboo and is still illegal in some regions or countries. However, there are definitely those who bet online. Maybe some people have chosen a betting system between friends or between groups when it comes to gaming, what is at stake is sometimes in-game items or other things. Of course, the other thing is to bet real money, enter a betting site like Olybet with a choice of Esports games, choose an Esport game, then place a bet on our favorite team.