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Instructions on How to Make a Token Board.

Token boards are used in a simple and good way to have someone motivated and show them how close they are about to achieve something or what they are actually working towards. The token boards are used to motivate the children and students even those with autism, and the uniqueness and complexity of the token board are only limited to someone’s imagination. It relies upon the student’s individualization as they’re likely to have a response on the system.

The reinforcer part of the token board shows the thing that the student will get in the event that they have earned all the tokens. It can show a specific measure of time to get something, a picture of an item, a decision, and an activity, time with a companion or music. The earned tokens in this category contain the tokens or pieces which represent the next step to be taken towards the reinforcer. The earned token is supposed to clearly separate into a token to earned section to make a clear progress that has been achieved or the requirements to be achieved so as the reinforcer to become available.

The material used to make the board depends on the likes of the student in the process of motivation. For instance, when the student likes dinosaur, you can get a picture of a dinosaur and have it enlarger, then glued onto the board so that when the student receives the token, they can be fascinated about the dinosaur and realize what they are actually. In most cases, the reinforcing can be the bard representation. Always remember to make the board last longer as you do not know the time you may want to use it again, or if you can have it modified to use on a different student. When you want to make good token bards, you can laminate them. Or, you can decide to use harder materials like metal or heavyweight paper.

The number of times you convey the token board rely upon who is to get the token. A token should be delivered many times for task completion and good behavior. Also, there shouldn’t be any law that restricts the number of a token to be delivered at any given time. As soon as the token becomes significant, provide multiple tokens for appropriate behaviors to represent a good example of differential reinforcement as it can motivate highly. You can withdraw a token as a response cost for a behavior as it is a way of not accepting someone in a certain category. When the student does not realize the significance of the token, you can eliminate it thug it will have some repercussions on the progress of the student.

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