Common Terms Used in Online Payment

Online payments have become prevalent in this society. Based on the BlueSnap Review, these gateways are causing positive transformations in e-commerce. Individuals can send money quickly and securely. Understanding online payment systems is very beneficial for an entrepreneur. Learning about the several terms in this area is vital in knowing what it entails. It will help them in creating an efficient and convenient platform for their clients.

Acquiring Bank

The term acquiring bank is common in the online payment getaways. It refers to the financial institution that processes payments made through debit or credit cards. When transacting online, a person must use these cards that can be a Visa or MasterCard. The acquiring bank processes the transactions for the merchant. It has the duty of verifying the transactions. It uses the information on the cardholder to determine whether to approve the transaction.

Merchant Account

For a company or an individual to transact business using online payment systems, they must have a merchant account. This account is set up and linked to the service provider. A merchant account is like a bank account. It holds the funds after transactions take place. Thus, if a buyer sends money, the recipient will receive it through this account. To get the money, an individual can withdraw it from their banks.


Chargeback is a term used to describe a transaction that has failed or has disputes. Once the acquiring bank or the system detects some security issues, they reverse the operation. Chargebacks promote the security of online payment transactions. Chargebacks happen when the client complains of not receiving a product. It can also occur when the commodity the client gets is not the correct one. If the credit card holder does not authorize the transaction, the system reverses the transaction.

Understanding the terminologies in online payment enables one to know how the system functions. Service providers are willing to help clients learn about these systems. The internet also contains a lot of information on this issue. Since online gateways are becoming popular, they might be the only ones available for use in future. Therefore, individuals should keep up with trends in this area.