Smartphones vs. PC Gaming: Which Offers Better Gaming Experience?

5 Smartphone khusus untuk gamer, ada yang bisa jadi PC beneran

A lot more people are gaming these days because almost all games are now available for both mobiles and PC. Of course, the experiences on both interfaces will be different, that is why the question, “Which offers better gaming experience?” has become recurring for a while. The mobile game interface has become better and more efficient over time, you can now connect your controllers to your phone and enjoy an astonishing game at your convenience. Some games will give the players a better experience on mobile phones while some will deliver better on the PC.

To know which game is best for which system, sometimes you have to check what people are saying on before you install it. Also, get to learn more about Mobile network operators because they play a vital role in your gaming experience. Smartphone and PC gaming are both unique and can give the player a very enjoyable experience. To answer the question of “which offers a better gaming experience”, we have to compare both platforms.


It is easier to play games on your smartphone while you are on the go. You can always pull out your phone and play in any location. Just like you respond to messages and visit social media, you do not have to miss out on any action with the games you love. All you need is your phone, and internet access for games that require it.

Your PC cannot fit into your pocket and can be very bulky to carry around as you go about your daily business. You cannot just pull out your PC anywhere and begin to play the games you love. If you love gaming all the time, your mobile phone might be a great option for you.


Most gamers like to play on bigger screens. It can help increase your productivity and make you play the game better. The PC screen might not even be big enough for some gamers but it is a better option than mobile phones. You can see the objects in the game clearly because the resolution is better.

On mobile phones, the screen can only be as big as the phone. If you do not mind playing on a small screen, then you can use a smartphone to play sometimes. If not, it is better to stick to your Pc.


The gaming industry is one that is concerned with innovation. They are constantly making changes to ensure that all games are compatible with PC and smartphones. Previously, it could have been a challenge to find most games compatible with both mobiles and PCs.

Even as new software keeps coming up and compatibility is worked on, you will find out that some games are still not compatible with some devices. In those cases, you may need a PC to play the game you are interested in.

Both smartphones and PCs can be great for gaming. Depending on your needs, you can decide which option is the best … Read More..

Everything to know about next-generation console game prices

Gaming stores reviews reveal that over the past few months, hardware makers, studio executives and industry watchers have been commenting on the next-generation game development prices. They all believe that games like double boxed toys   will cost more to make considering the high-powered hardware and sophisticated graphics used. Even though they all believe that games will cost more, they share different opinions on how the prices will be like.

Take-Two Interactive said that “games could — and perhaps, should — cost more when the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 launch” Ubisoft on the other hand claims that game prices should remain around $60.

Currently there is no clarity as to how much next-generation games will cost and users may face a hodgepodge of prices until developers reach a consensus.

Therefore in an attempt to give you an insight on how much next generation games will cost, we have put together this post to keep track of what game developers are saying and how they plan to price their games.

Why are some studios saying they may hike prices?

It is believed that development costs could have higher game prices in 2020. Sony PlayStation boss Shawn Layden in a classic interview with revealed that the cost of games has gone up 10 times and for nearly two decades the price of games was pegged at $60

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan in an interview with earlier this year revealed that the technology used to make these games will be more human intensive as such there will probably be an increase in development budgets.

Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two is one of the first gaming companies to reveal their plans of increasing their gaming price to a $70 flat rate. So far, it has only announced next-generation game prices on NBA 2K21 and revealed that it will charge $70 for the game title. The CEO of the company told investors that all Take-Two’s games will cost $70 and said that the company plans to charge on a title-by-title basis. He further reiterated that the pricing will reflect the quality of the gaming experience.


Ubisoft, the developers of some of the major next-generation titles including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla revealed that it will stick to a $60 price mark for the foreseeable future. However, the CEO of the company told investors that the $60 price tag will only last through the holiday. Beyond that, the price may skyrocket.


Microsoft hasn’t announced pricing plans for the next-generation games, but the company revealed that all Xbox game Studios titles, including Halo Infinite will be available on Xbox Game Pass when they launch for a monthly fee of $10. This means that all Xbox Series X owners will be able to play all Xbox Game studios games at launch.


The CEO of the company told investors about the company’s pricing policy. He stated that they would review the next generation games pricing as time goes on.

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Benefits of having a PC Instead of a Console

Gamers have long debated, which is better between PC and Console. While the preference has to depend on personal decisions, one who has used both for a considerable time can make a better judgment. The guide on this topic will help those who need it and do not have the necessary ideas on which one to choose.

You can get the PC games or console from reliable computer stores around you. But you will need to read Kinguin reviews and research properly for your PC upgrade and other necessary tools to help you enjoy your gaming experience. However, the points made below will help you understand PC gaming’s importance to having a console.

1.  The ability to customize with your PC

PC gaming offers you the opportunity to customize the games to your preference. You can change the software, hardware, and almost everything about a PC game. But with a console, you do not have that privilege because they are for specific functions. On the contrary, PC games give you the option of using the keyboard or attaching a mouse. To some, the keyboard provides flexibility to do more with the game. However, it is not possible to use a keyboard with a console game.

2.  Cheaper games are available on PC

You can enjoy cheap games with a PC, especially those that are available to download online. Console games, especially the latest release, are expensive, and they may not be easy to come by in your regular stores. If you want to have the freedom to afford more games, then you should consider the use of PC games.

3.  Wide range of games available

The use of PC games offers you the chance to a wide range of games available online. Being more open source, many developers had developed many games available on PC. But console games are restricted, with the developers allowed to build games only on their platforms. You do not have to be told the fun available to you when you have so many games at your disposal with the PC games. And it would help if you considered that you could find the games on consoles on PC, but the reverse is not the case.

4.  PC is upgradable

You can use your PC for a long time and upgrade to the latest features. The latest features will ensure you enjoy the latest games and what they have to offer with the right upgrade. But with consoles, you have to spend money to buy the latest consoles to enjoy the new features with new games. After a while, the console may become outdated, and the need to get a new one. But with your PC, you can always upgrade your software online to enjoy the games’ latest features.

Now that you have seen some of the advantages of PC games over console games, you will now understand why we picked PC games. Go for the PC games to enjoy a complete gaming experience.… Read More..